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I Quit…Being Broke


Paul D. Jones' newest release: I Quit  

Product Description


“I Quit”… Being Broke!  Offers solutions to the mental mistakes people have that may hinder them from advancing to the next level of their desired lifestyle.  One’s bad habits, for the most part, breed bad financial decisions that in turn dictate everything about their life; emotionally, physically, morally, and even in personal relationships.   “I Quit” being broke when I stopped making the same bad mental mistakes relating to finances.  The reality is, if you want a better prosperous life, then there will be some things that you will need to identify and stop doing.  If you are going to quit something then say, “I Quit” all the bad habits and decisions, in order to make room for all of the good that is yet to come!  I realize that Being Broke is: A Mental Thing, Not A Financial Thing.”


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