Your Net Work Equals Your Net Worth

Your Net Work Equals Your Net Worth

Paul D. Jones


In my 20 plus years of working in the home business industry, there have been many lessons and experiences I have learned that are both good and bad.   First, I will point out that this industry, in my opinion, is the best industry in the world to work in. It is the one industry where your true work ethic is revealed.    If you are truly working the numbers then the law of seedtime, harvest, and sowing you will reap.

Seedtime and Harvest:  growth
“As long as the earth exists seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”[Gen:8:22]

One such Law that so many fail to operate properly in is the Law of “Seedtime and Harvest”. God has set this law into motion – and if we are going to receive the results promised then we must operate according to the Law set forth by God.

This is what brings me to the claim that your network equals your net worth. We have all heard the saying that one’s income is usually the average of the people they hang around. However, I have always pointed out that just because you may be financially down at this moment this does not mean it has to stay that way.   It is all a mindset; if you believe you will succeed and you are willing to go to through the process or as some may say, you are willing to work the numbers, then you will make it!

Let’s take a look at your 5 closet friends or family members that influence you. There is a study that says that the 5 people closest to you affect your income. So let’s do this exercise:


Write down the 5 people who influence you the most in your life.  These are the people you go to when you have a challenge; your family, friends, or those who you love to “hang out” with.


Now that you have listed your 5 people, write down their incomes.


It should look like this:   team

1) John – $30,000

2) Terry – $40,000

3) Jill – $50,000

4) Peter – $60,000

5) David – $100,000


Their total incomes are $280,000, divided by 5, this now gives us an average of $56,000.  That is probably about how much you make per year!

That should be an eye opener for you. As you build your network marketing home based business, you like myself, may need to step outside of your personal network at some point if you truly desire to be successful. For me, I had to work outside of my personal network almost immediately. The few personal friends I signed up did so just because I asked. Yet, they did not take the action that I had hoped for. In fact, what I got from some of them were mere demotivating words and actions. It was as if they had all of a sudden became business experts yet, I knew they had never owned any sort of business or had any form of financial success. Their excuses to me were ridiculous and it was like a mindset was formed to tell me how we would never make millions doing this. The classic excuse was that they knew someone who was doing the same business or a similar one in which they had failed in and that became the bulk of our conversations to insinuate that we wouldn’t succeed. Many times I would reply, “I know people who dropped out of high school, but I didn’t drop out. “ I would also let them know that I didn’t sign up to make millions and that I just wanted a better quality lifestyle for myself and my family that I knew a regular job couldn’t offer me.

You see in the beginning all I wanted to do was to buy a home for my family. I didn’t even plan to quit my day job and I only planned to work my home business on a part time basis. What then happened was what I would say was a dream come true or an answer to my prayers. Since work itI was not willing to conform to the statuesque of my network that was saying this is too hard or I don’t know anyone who will do this, I in turn was able to change my personal net worth and despite all the false claims and bad excuses I succeeded.   I realized that if I wanted more out of life, I was going to make it my business and personal mission to find like-minded people. I knew that I couldn’t have been the only person who wanted money to buy a home; I couldn’t be the only person who wanted a better quality lifestyle for my family; and I knew I wasn’t the only person who wanted to take their family on a nice vacation without going into debt by maxing out credit. What I found out by taking massive action was that I was right! I also found that life was much more fulfilling for my wife as we were able to help others enjoy that same quality of life.

The moral of the story is this: I made my mind up to consistently work the numbers every day. I didn’t put off my success for some other domestic issue or make any excuses. I became a man on a mission with a vision to succeed and it became contagious to the NEW network that I went out and built. I say this to any and all who are working in this wonderful home business industry. You will get out of it what you put in. Always understand that there are negative people everywhere, therefore simply move on from them. There is a person who was just like me who is looking for you right now! So, if you spend all of your time trying to beg and convince negative naysayers, non-believers, and unmotivated people to work with you, this will only rob you of your time that is needed to get to the people who are indeed looking to work with you right now.

I have a quote that states, “People Don’t Fail, They Give Up.” Therefore, don’t give up on your dreams nor spend time with those who have undamagingly given up on theirs. Please realize that your success is connected to your work ethic when your existing network doesn’t work.

Your success is truly up to you and I know you will make it!

Paul D. Jones