Hard-workThroughout my life I’ve witnessed pretty high achievers, people who basically started from nothing and then have gained the desired success of their efforts. I have also witnessed groupies. What most groupies miss out on are the behind the scenes actions that have gotten the high achiever to their successful level. In the sports and entertainment world, they are the one’s who come around and seem interested in you only after they hear you have received the big contract or have gained a certain level of popularity. For sports stars, the groupie misses out on all of the hard training, sweat, and tears that comes with their success. For entertainers, the groupie isn’t there when you are doing free shows, getting booed and even going into debt to pay for studio time, travel costs, and living less than pay check to pay check, as you invest into your dream. For business owners, the groupie comes only after they see that your company is already a success. Most groupies are like gypsies; they run from business to business like a groupie in the show business whom runs from bed to bed. They are more interested in name-dropping who they are associated with rather than being a true believer who is able to tell their own story on how they made it. A true believer, who is a real success palmbusiness partner, will help a 100 million dollar plus company to become the success that it envisions. While the groupie will enthusiastically join a 100 million dollar plus company only after the true believers have put in all of the hard work to make it a success. News flash to the groupies: the people who have helped build these companies will benefit the most! It is their reward for working hard and persevering when times got tough. When the sports star can’t play anymore, the true believer is still there sharing the fun memories. When the entertainer is no longer entertaining, the true believer is still there enjoying life with them as great relationships do. When the big business is built, the true believer shares in the financial rewards as well as the experience of seeing the vision flourish to the end goal.

Ask yourself, which are you: The Groupie or the True Believer?

Paul D. Jones

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