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Paying taxes is the number one thing that everyone has to do and it is one of the biggest things that people don’t understand.  What you don’t know is not only hurting you, it is costing you also!

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Every successful venture has a budget that it follows.  When a budget is not followed you are guaranteeing that you will overspend.  Having a budget is a responsible approach that puts you on a path to living within your means, so that you can invest in your future.

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No longer will you pay your interest bearing bills to your creditor’s benefit; you will now pay your bills to your benefit.  This will get them paid off and once you are debt free, your wealth and net worth can increase.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 6.50.48 AMCREDIT MONITORING & RESTORATION

Good credit will keep you leveraged.  And those with good credit pay less in interest.  You are judged based on your credit for virtually everything, from renting a house, buying a house or car, and even getting car insurance.  Since your rate is based on your credit score then I hope that you are monitoring is.

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Every household should be tooled with the protection and services of My Financial Worth.

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