Business Realities


Avoid working with uncommitted people:

Only partner with committed and loyal people in business.  If you see a man or woman not being loyal and committed to their girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife, then odds are they will not be a loyal committed business partner to you in the long run.

business strengthIf you are in the relationship marketing field, and you partner with someone that you clearly see  is jumping from relationship to relationship, then they will also jump from business to business, while never establishing any true commitment and loyalty.

These same people only think about their own personal desires and success, rather than thinking of the bigger picture to help expand and grow their business relationships. The effects of the overall lack of commitment will streamline into their immediate families and generations to come. All the while cursing the possibilities for generational wealth, replacing it with a bad reputation and bitterness.

stressIf you are serious about your business growth, never allow your business to be treated as a one night stand, a weekend rendezvous or an every now and then fling. No success ever comes from half-hearted situations, and they never will! All that ever happens is a waste of time spent away from the people you should have really been around in the first place.  Uncommitted people will always come with an excuse; they will justify their self-defeating habits and never finish anything that they start.

For any relationship to succeed all of the parties involved must have a strong work ethic, be committed to the goals and have a foundation of integrity.  A house divided will always fall, therefore be mindful of whom you are in business with.  Be happy and build your business to be a solid foundation that will bring you a rich and enjoyable lifestyle.

Paul D. Jones